We are


  … an experiential community open to women of all love and sexual orientation, 18 years of age or older, who are open to incorporating the Feminine Divine into their lives. Each woman must also be open-minded and flexible in her beliefs, willing to learn from others of different paths without attempting to convert other students to a specific path. Diversity is one of our primary strengths.

We place a high value on celebrating each other and choosing optimistic perspectives. As a sisterhood we encourage women to discover and create their own spiritual paths. We encourage the joyful celebration of self and others. Sisters in Celebration is not affiliated with any specific spiritual traditions or religious practices. 

We feel the acts of witnessing, honoring and sharing of our journeys deepens our spiritual sisterhood bonds, allowing us to learn and grow together. How we each approach the sacred space we have created online with the group is highly individual. The Sisters in Celebration community is very mindful of “safe and sacred space”. At its heart, Sisters in Celebration is administrated by our our Directors. Both are multi-denominational celebrants of life’s rites of passage and are passionate about bringing the sacred to the present moment. For more information, visit our Customary.


“The Priestess Path helped me re-invigorate my spiritual practice in a way that went far deeper than I was expecting. It helped me take the knowledge of Goddess spirituality I had already accumulated and transform it into true wisdom, through practice and experience. I found myself inspired to explore things that I never thought I would, and discovered my own unique connection to certain aspects of the path that I had overlooked in the past, such as working with gemstones. I feel like my practice is so much more grounded and integrated into my daily life than before I started.” – Amy


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