Sisters In Celebration offers a specially created experience centered on the Priest/ess Path Journey. It is designed solely for the exploration of Goddess, Self and Community. It is for women and men who are interested in Goddess Spirituality and who would like and benefit from being part of a community as they learn and grow. The Priest/ess Path allows a student to explore independently based on his/her own inner compass rather than be overly directed in a specific tradition. Those who enroll in this course of study will be creating their own personal spiritual practice that is completely unique, yet flowing and grounded in Goddess spirituality. The flowing diversity experienced within Sisters in Celebration is spirit-centered and gives its members a strong base from which they can confidently and comfortable share in many spiritual customs. Click here to find out more!

The High Priest/Priestess Path 

Our High Priest/ess experiential is very much designed with the individual in mind, rather than one-size fits all. Each person’s journey is complimented by his/her own choices based upon one’s calling. This experiential assists each priest/ess in becoming his/her truest, best, most amazing self. We encourage each Priestess and Priest to discover and create a High Priest/esshood that is a clear reflection of his/her strengths. There are many types of spiritual paths. With our support, a person’s spiritual vocation becomes a contribution and deeper experience of the multi-faceted spirituality and a gift to the rest of the community and beyond. Click here to find out more!

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