The Customary of Sisters in Celebration 

These customs apply to all sisters within Sisters in Celebration

1. We honor the Divine Feminine in every person.
2. We believe that the Divine Feminine connects people from assorted spiritual backgrounds.
3. We believe in safe and sacred space.
4. We feel that through community we become stronger and wiser.
4. We endeavor to bring the sacred to the present moment, by empowering one another to live strong, powerful lives through honoring and celebrating life cycles, celebrating and exploring love, pleasure and sexuality, and integrating spirit, awareness and wellness into everyday life.
5.  Each person is encouraged to discover and create their own spiritual practices.
6.  “Being of service” is a central principle of Sisters in Celebration; community members are encouraged to work together in being of service within the community of Sisters in Celebration and/or their local communities.
7. We value celebrating each other and choosing optimistic perspectives.
8. We encourage celebration of self, the Divine and others.
9. “Being in Service” is an integral part of Sisters in Celebration; community members are encouraged to tend to themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.