If you have questions about what courses are offered, what’s included, how everything works and tuition, please browse through our FAQ’s.If you have a question that is not answered here, please e-mail us at sistersincelebration@gmail.com. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

FAQ’s about what courses are offered, what’s included, how does it work and tuition.

1. What does the curriculum consist of?
The curriculum is experiential, practice-based rather than knowledge-based. Developing a
consistent daily, weekly, and monthly spiritual practice is the cornerstone of the program.
We learn by doing, by internalizing skills and knowledge and shaping them into an individual 
practice compatible with our individual beliefs. You will do your own research based on your personal interests, so there is no structured curriculum.
Our Priest/ess Path offers you the tools to become consciously aware of your inherent abilities, innate spiritual path and connection to the Feminine Divine. This experiential is designed solely for the exploration of Goddess, Self & Community.
During the Moons cycle (28.5 days) you will experience:
Immersion – studying your resources.
Application -offering your thoughts and insights.
Exercises – creating your own rituals, etc.
Integration- expressing how you use this in your solitary practice.

2. What is the definition of “Priestess”; what would constitute a vocation to be         a Priestess?
Even though there is a commonly accepted definition of a Priestess/Priest being a wo/man who presides over religious rites; it is our thought that this definition is personal; some people may choose to be of service to self. We are each so unique, so diverse that each student is empowered from within to define Priest/ess for him/herself. 
3. What if I have absolutely no experience in this type of spiritual work?
Then you are welcome here! We would suggest the Priest/ess Path to newcomers.
You will be given the basics and allowed to progress at a comfortable speed.
4. What if I already am quite experienced in this type of spiritual work?
We heartily recommend the Priest/ess Path for the experienced practitioner. You will be able to take what you already know and build upon that. There is great benefit to beginning at the beginning or exploring what you know on a deeper level. These lunations are designed to be flexible to the student’s level of experience. As long as you are willing to try new ways of doing things and to consistently apply what you know in your daily spiritual practice, you will find the Priest/ess Path has much to offer you.
5. Is there any way to “test out” of certain material?
No, there isn’t. Because the material is practice-based rather than knowledge-based, you must be willing to experience all of the lessons.
6. Is there a required time frame for completing this course?
The time frame for the Priest/ess Path is 13 moons. Students work through each moon’s topic and participate in the community as we go on the journey together.
7. What are the expectations for completing the Priest/ess Path successfully?
Each person may experience as much or as little of this path as he/she wishes. The student determines success; one’s dedication shows when lessons are thorough, timely
and chock full of hearty sharing. 
8. Once finished with course work, does one remain a member of the Sisters
in Celebration community?

Once enrolled in the Priest/ess Path course a student is an integral part of the Sisters inCelebration community, and can be in community with SIC indefinitely; he/she can also leave at any time.  Many of our students also choose to cycle through the Priest/ess Path every time it is offered at no extra charge; cycling through the journey over and over can become a beautiful spiritual practice.
9. Are further studies offered?
After completion of the Priest/ess Path Journey, graduates are invited to participate in our High Priest/ess Path course of study.
10. Is Ordination offered?It is not. We celebrate our own personal life rites of passage and other spiritual rituals and ceremonies.  If their state does not require them to be ministers, they may also solemnize marriages as part of their vocation.  Each state and county varies and it is up to the individual to check with her local county/state to see if he/she is eligible.
11. What is the total cost of attending the Sisters in Celebration Priest/ess Path?The total tuition of the Priest/ess Path is $260-US for the 13 moon course.
12. How often do I need to pay tuition, and how do I pay my tuition?
The monthly tuition is $20.00, or you may pay the tuition for the entire course for $240.00 ( a $20 discount) payable via PayPal. Tuition payment should be directed to: sistersincelebration@gmail.com.
13. What does my tuition include?
Tuition covers online lesson guidance, instructor evaluation & feedback, and online interaction with other students. A certificate of achievement is awarded upon completion.
14. Where can I purchase any books I might need?
We do not have any required texts, but you can purchase texts you want as resources anywhere you can find them. 
15. Does Sisters in Celebration offer refunds?
No, Sisters in Celebration does not offer refunds. We consider all tuition donative, and we in turn donate to worthwhile causes. We also do not offer credits or barter options.
16. What if I choose to discontinue my studies here?
You may exit our program at any time; your tuition paid will be donated.  We believe community is as important to empowerment, spirituality, healing and learning as the lessons. We encourage you to stay connected with the online Sisters in Celebration community. 
If you have concerns or issues and feel that Sisters in Celebration is not the right place for you, please let us know your concerns. We will work with you to find a solution or simply support you in finding the clarity you need as you find your own path.
When you leave one of our programs, any tuition you paid will not be refunded or credited to you. If you ever decide you would like to study with us again, please look for the next start date of our Priestess Path Journey. Before you leave, please know that you will need to start over as a new student and pay the current tuition rate for the program.
All About Sisters in Celebration: I have questions about communication,
community, and who responds to my lessons.
17. What about privacy?
Many students are concerned about protecting their privacy. We are committed to helping students keep their journey experiences private. Our primary experiential platform is a secret group on Facebook; if you feel that sharing your experiences there is not safe enough for you, you may always email your lunations to sistersincelebration@gmail.com.
18. Once I turn in a lunation, how soon will I receive a response? Who will read my responses?
You will be compiling your weekly experiences and exercises and submitting the at the end of the moon cycle to our secret Facebook group.  When you post to the group, everyone in the group will see your response and have an opportunity to comment. If you choose not to post your lunation experiences in the special group, you may send your responses directly to us via e-mail where only your High Priestess Directors will see your lunation. The directors are only responding to lunation experiences that are submitted to the group.
We will always encourage you to share any parts or all of your lunation responses with the Facebook community to receive further insights, support and wisdom from other students and directors. It is from one another that we also learn and grow…..and when another student posts a lesson….you are welcome and encouraged to respond to his/her lesson also.
19. Will other students harass me because of my spiritual beliefs?
Certainly not.
Such harassment will not be tolerated. So far, we haven’t had any problems with
this whatsoever. However, if any harassment does occur, it will be stopped immediately. Our community is dedicated to making Sisters in Celebration a safe, comfortable environment for everyone. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a thread of discussion or with a developing situation, please contact us immediately and we will work through it together for peaceful resolution. You may reach us at sistersincelebration@gmail.com
20. How can I blend the Priest/ess Path with my current spiritual practice?
In any way that suits you! The focus of the school is on The Goddess with the premise that she is harmonious with all of spirituality. If you are a Christian, you may choose a Christian form of Goddess to honor (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophia, a female saint). Place her on your altar along with Christ. If you are Jewish, you might choose Lilith, Sophia or Asherah. If you are Buddhist, you might choose Quan Yin. You may find that blending Goddess Spirituality to a part of your current spiritual practice is a great experience. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate the Divine Feminine into your current spiritual practice, please feel free to ask and we can offer suggestions to assist you with ideas.
21. What if I disagree with some of the information or views I encounter within Sisters in Celebration?
While we ask that you open your mind to consider other viewpoints, ultimately it is up to you to take what you like and leave the rest. This is one of the strengths of Goddess Spirituality — You are Goddess, You are Source. Trust your inner-knowing, and find what’s right for you. We also find that through the experience of disagreement with something, we find out more about ourselves and our own beliefs.
22. What if I feel very uncomfortable with a lunation’s subject matter? Will I be required to complete it?
Again, you will be encouraged to “push the envelope” a bit on your comfort level, knowing that you are in safe space to explore something different. But if your intuition tells you something is definitely wrong for you, please know that you can modify the assignment into something that is more comfortable or to request an alternative assignment.
23. Why only focus on The Goddess? What about God/The God?
Many of our students do honor the Masculine Divine or The God; some feel more comfortable focusing on Goddess only. As we honor the Feminine Divine, we honor the Divine in ourselves as individuals, and we honor the Feminine Divine in others. We empower ourselves and each other spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically.
24. Are men allowed to join the school?
Absolutely! Hopefully our website clearly reflects our excitement over bringing men and women together in sacred Goddess space. For many years Sisters in Celebration was  devoted to women and “sacred woman space”; now we are thrilled to devote ourselves to all people (age 18 and older) and “sacred Goddess space”.

25. I am reading that this group offers great support; does this group offer counseling to its members?
No, this school’s community offers a space for self empowerment and self growth, but it does not replace any type of counseling or therapy. There is no one acting in the role of a professional counselor or therapist in this community; if you need emotional/mental assistance, please know that you are expected to reach out to a licensed therapist on your own.