High Priestess Path

High Priest/ess Path Journey

Sisters in Celebration’s High Priest/ess Path is a 10-week experiential that teaches you to be in service to yourself, the Divine and others.
To be eligible to pursue the path of the High Priestess, you must complete our Priest/ess Path Journey and demonstrate a commitment to yourself, your spiritual practice and being of Service to yourself, Goddess and others.
This Path is designed to be “free form”, meaning that the you will be able to choose how deeply and thoroughly to journey upon this path. Depending upon the direction in which the you feel called, you may work with a text of your choosing and outline, flesh out and create your own focus of service. Sisters in Celebration does not not confer permission for our curriculum to be passed on by path graduates.
Upon completion of the High Priest/ess Path experiential, you will receive a special gift celebrating you as a High Priest/ess and a certificate of achievement.
At this time, we do not confer ministerial ordination, as each county in the United States differs too greatly for us to promise an ordination that can be used in your state or county.
We recognize that not all people who complete the High Priest/ess path are called to take on a sacred service oriented role. Please know that whether you chose to pursue the High Priest/ess Path is entirely personal. It is not expected of you at all. However, if you do choose to journey with us, we applaud your choice and will be a form of support for you as you grow into this level of responsibility.

Tuition for The High Priest/ess Path is $100 (US).