We would like to welcome you to Sisters in Celebration!

We have been in service since 2004, and we specialize in guiding them as they learn how to priestess themselves. We feel that self-priestessing is what most online schools lack, and, while many have considered us “unconventional”, we love how we love ourselves, and we believe that women who can priestess themselves are better equipped to be in service to the Divine and to others.
In the fall of 2015, we opened our doors to men and we are thrilled to have integrated our Priestess Path journey with the identical Priest Path. We celebrate and honor the unique paths of all people who want to create their own deeply nourishing spiritual practices.
Lisa   +  Dana

   “Service is not a technique. It is a relationship” -Christine Jette

I assisted in founding Sisters in Celebration and consider those within to be my teachers, mentors, friends, sisters and brothers.  My beliefs are an ongoing evolution of my upbringing, my interaction and heartfelt discussions and my personal and directed studies. Respecting all paths enhances my own personal practice as a Roman Catholic Woman.


I have been with Sisters in Celebration since 2007; I became a Priestess through Sisters in Celebration, and was ordained as a High Priestess through the Order of the White Moon. I am an herbalist, an integrative manual therapist and an Earth Medicine practitioner. I have a holistic practice in Tupelo MS and I teach there as well.

Spiritual empowerment, interconnection, diversity and self-acceptance are the themes of my life’s work.

This lights me up: Seeing other people learn to
  • develop and trust their internal wisdom
  • love and accept every piece of their physical, mental/emotional and spiritual selves (even the hidden stuff)
  • embrace and celebrate others who are different
  • function from a place of security instead of a place of fear