Priestess Path Journey

Registration is closed for for our 2018-2019 journey.

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The Priest/ess Path journey is a 13 moon journey experiencing Goddess Spirituality. This journey offers you the tools to become consciously aware of your inherent abilities, innate spiritual path and connection to the Feminine Divine. This is not a ministry course; it is designed solely for the exploration of Goddess, Self and Community.
  Due to the concentrated nature of this experience; it is expected that you are able to progress through this course of study in a focused manner. We will explore an area of study each moon cycle, starting at the full moon, for 13 moon cycles.     There are many guideposts on the Path of Priest/ess and our explorations may include Goddess History & exploration, Self Care, Daily practices, Elements & Directions, Sacred space & Altars, Circle Casting, Grounding & Centering, Crystals & Gemstones, Visualization, Ritual & Rites of passage, Seasons, Wheel of the Year, and more!

During the Moon cycle (28.5 days) you will experience immersion, application, practical exercises, integration and reflection.

For the entirety of this journey you will receive prompt instruction, feedback, guidance, and support. Upon completion you will be personally recognized with a printable certificate of accomplishment. After successful completion of the Priest/ess Path journey, graduates will be offered the opportunity to participate in the The High Priest/ess Path.
“The Priestess Path helped me re-invigorate my spiritual practice in a way that went far deeper than I was expecting. It helped me take the knowledge of Goddess spirituality I had already accumulated and transform it into true wisdom, through practice and experience. I found myself inspired to explore things that I never thought I would, and discovered my own unique connection to certain aspects of the path that I had overlooked in the past, such as working with gemstones. I feel like my practice is so much more grounded and integrated into my daily life than before I started.” – Amy

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Enrollment and Tuition  : 
Sisters in Celebration is an experiential community open to women and men of all love and sexual orientation, 18 years of age or older, who are open to incorporating the Feminine Divine into their lives. 

Once you enroll and become a member of Sisters in Celebration, you may journey on the Priestess Path with us every time we offer it. Seriously. Every. Single.Time. Each journey, offers something unique. 

To enroll, please e-mail the following information to us at
  • Name
  • Birthdate (you must be at least 18 to enroll)
  • Address
  • Facebook Name (so we can add you to the private classroom)
  • Current E-mail.
  • Do you acknowledge and accept the customs of our sacred community?

Tuition links  below are only active during open enrollment. 

Tuition for the Priestess Path Journey is $260. 

Take advantage of paying in full and receive  two free lunations. Your cost would then be $220.00 .
You may also pay tuition in 2 installments of $120 and take advantage of one free lunation. The first payment is due upon enrollment in August and the second half due in November.                                                       

Sisters in Celebration charges and accepts a ‘fee’ for services, such as our journeys. training. We feel that this is an exchange that benefits many, especially the participants, for it encourages their investment in their development and in turn supports their self-esteem and integrity as people of value in the world. Due to the nature of our services, refunds are not possible. If you choose to not participate in the experiential journey after enrollment, you remain in membership and may choose to journey any time that we offer the Path.

 Sisters in Celebration Pendant

An exclusive available to our members who journey with us.

“I have loved the Priestess Path Journey immensely and it has been a very rich and
rewarding experience for me. I’ve enjoyed having the combination of structure (thanks to the syllabus), alongside the freedom to do my on thing, to follow the callings of my own spirit and to explore what interested me. I loved being able to think outside the box! This really allowed me to make the experience truly my own and I feel like I’ve not only learned a lot about various spiritual practices and tools, but also about my self and my own spiritual path. I feel the most valuable benefit of being able to follow my own study path has been the self-confidence it has given me, and I finally feel like I am allowed to follow my own path and do my own thing rather than trying to fit into pre-determined labels. Having a community of sisters sharing their experiences was so inspiring for me, and having the safe space in the facebook group to check in with really helped me to stay on track and recommit to my journey when I needed it.”  ~ Sarah Birch

Please sign up for our newsletter to receive information on our next journey.
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