What People Are Saying

.... about the Priestess Path 


“The Priestess Path helped me re-invigorate my spiritual practice in a way that went far deeper than I was expecting. It helped me take the knowledge of Goddess spirituality I had already accumulated and transform it into true wisdom, through practice and experience. I found myself inspired to explore things that I never thought I would, and discovered my own unique connection to certain aspects of the path that I had overlooked in the past, such as working with gemstones. I feel like my practice is so much more grounded and integrated into my daily life than before I started.” – Amy

          “I have loved the Priestess Path Journey immensely and it has been a very rich and rewarding experience for me. I’ve enjoyed having the combination of structure (thanks to the syllabus), alongside the freedom to do my on thing, to follow the callings of my own spirit and to explore what interested me. I loved being able to think outside the box! This really allowed me to make the experience truly my own and I feel like I’ve not only learned a lot about various spiritual practices and tools, but also about my self and my own spiritual path. I feel the most valuable benefit of being able to follow my own study path has been the self-confidence it has given me, and I finally feel like I am allowed to follow my own path and do my own thing rather than trying to fit into pre-determined labels. Having a community of sisters sharing their experiences was so inspiring for me, and having the safe space in the facebook group to check in with really helped me to stay on track and recommit to my journey when I needed it.” ~ Sarah Birch

Sisters in Celebration is a safe non judgmental place where a woman can share and explore her personal path with the Goddess. It was wonderful to be able to share my ideas and projects as well as watching other Sisters grow. -Amy B.

Confidence! The kind of confidence that comes from experiencing divine Love. The Priestess Path allowed me to develop a connection with the Feminine Divine that was uniquely mine. Because I made the connections for myself, there was no room for "unworthiness"--there was only Love and confidence in that Love! - Kali M.

The women gathered in this community are creative and supportive. I'm glad to have had them on this journey with me. - Ruth

I have really loved being a part of the SIC Priestess community. It is a loving place to share with other women in a safe environment. They don't judge you and they are they to help you grow. I love that SIC allows you to discover who your authentic self is, even if you don't quite know who that is just yet. They are always encouraging and really explain things in a way that is easy to understand. You are on your own path and they are there just to give u the little nudges to help you along the way. I would highly recommend taking part in this journey. You're soul will thank you. Blessings and lots of love to all the sisters I have met. <3 - Felicia

A awsome experience of the priestess path working with beautiful people on a journey of self discovery and initiation. A truly beautiful experience - Michelle

The Priestess Path has really helped guide my life into a new phase. It has helped me find myself, to believe in myself, and to help fill that spiritual hole inside that I have had since a child. It has shown me that I am not lost or strange, but I am like many others across the world who are looking for rituals, ceremonies, and deeper connection to the earth, the divine, and the ancient. Thank you both so much for helping me to guide myself back to me and what I have always known to be true, as well as to trust in myself and love myself as well as mother earth and all that she gives and shows us. I will never look at her the same way again, and there will always be a more profound respect and connection to her. -Ali

I have watched my life shift over the past year, from being contracted and fearful to opening to power and beauty. The Priestess Path helped me to step into authenticity and power. I am so grateful.-Rachel

I love the Priestess Path! I walk it every time it is offered. I may not do every lunation, but it seems like the ones I do are the ones I need. Dana and Nessa are there every step of the way, loving, encouraging, and cheering us on while walking the path with us. I learn something new every time. Each lunation I work deepens my spiritual practices and brings me closer to the Feminine Divine within me. - Lisa D.

The Priestess Path is what you put into it. The community is supportive to whatever pace you go and the lunations help shape your practice to help you achieve a well rounded experience of both community and solitary work. - Bonnie

This Journey is incredible. I love the gentle structure combined with a lot of freedom to explore however I need. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice and understanding of themselves. - Daphne